YO-YO USA - A YO-YO STORE WHERE World & National Champions Provide a life with Yo-Yo


History of YO-YO USA


In February 2007, a young man from Southern California started an online yo-yo store, mostly run through eBay, called “YO-YO USA.” Many people in the yo-yo community had never heard about the store, yet it was still very successful in serving many new beginner yo-yo players.

In 2013, this owner received a full time position in a new career after graduating college, which left little time for him to continue to run YO-YO USA.


In January 2014, Yo-Yo store REWIND from Japan acquired the business and moved its operations to Aptos, CA. REWIND values spreading the enjoyment of yo-yo by serving new beginner yo-yo players just as YO-YO USA aimed to do; therefore, they felt that adopting this business would be a perfect fit.


In January 2015, Zac Rubino, 2014 National Yo-Yo Champion in the 4A (Off String) Division, was appointed as shipping manager for YO-YO USA, and the shipping facility was relocated to Chico, CA. Moreover, YO-YO USA launched its fully functioning web store with a full selection of yo-yos and yo-yo accessories.

We are here to serve yo-yo players in the USA , Canada, and Worldwide. We also wish to connect America and other parts of the world through yo-yoing.

Our goal is to grow the sport of yo-yo by serving new customers and beginners who have never played yo-yo before. We are here to support a life with yo-yo by providing you with everything necessary to enjoy your yo-yo experience.