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Loop Up (rc2)

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Loop Up (rc2)

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Japan Looping Solutions - Loop Up (rc2)

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Japan Looping Solutions - Loop Up (rc2)

Made from the knowledge and expertise of competition 2A players, this looping model comes from the heart of Japan.

*This yo-yo's construction, assembly and breakdown, and adjustment methods differ from your standard looping yo-yo. This model is meant for intermediate to advanced players only.

This is the RC2 version, almost 100% to full release quality, but may differ slightly from future releases in minor ways.

Unlike full metal string trick yo-yos, which seem to get new releases like every day, new looping yo-yo models are few and far between. Looping players are very particular about their yo-yos, and even get paranoid over the possibility that their favorite models may get discontinued someday. Such was the story of the Minokamo yo-yo club in Gifu, and so they combined forces with competition players to develop their own perfect looping model. They started producing their first prototypes a month after launching the product, and now, almost a full two years later, they've refined the Loop Up to their satisfaction, enough for this "near-release" rc2 model.

Thanks to the unique design and construction, that gives you both non-stepped gap adjustments and fixed gap widths, the Loop Up handles much differently from a normal looping yo-yo. As the set gap will not change even over lots of time and practice, once you dial in your ideal playfeel, you can continue to throw with confidence that the Loop Up will act like an extension of your body.

The non-stepped gap adjustments we mentioned above depend on the highly refined design, especially the starburst response area. With just a minute adjustment, you can achieve an unthinkable balance between sleep and response. Many top players have provided feedback during the development process, leading to endless revisions and tweaks that led to the release candidate we now have in hand.

Since the mod scene first started, it has become apparent that getting the yo-yo set up so that it suits you best is the most effective step towards improving your game. So Japan Looping Solutions has worked tirelessly without compromise to uproot the conventional ideas surrounding looping yo-yos, and bring to players an excellent throw that will help them grow and surpass their expectations.

*To adjust the yo-yo, a 6mm wrench (sold separately) is necessary.

*To further protect your yo-yo from coming apart during play, you can use the Disassembly-proof Nut Set (sold separately).

>>How To Disassemble and Reassemble the Loop Up

>>How To Adjust Gap Width on the Loop Up

>>How To Use the Loop Up Disassembly-proof Nut Set


Complete Disassembly Instructions
1. Using the included suction cup, remove both side caps.
2. Using the 6mm wrench (sold separately), remove the nut.
3. Unscrew the yo-yo like a normal looping yo-yo and it will all come apart.

Reassembly Instructions
1. Note the asymmetry of the Loop Up Axle, the long side is for the axle nut.
2. Insert the short side of the axle into one half of the body, screwing it into the inner side with the starburst response area
3. Insert the bearing, sandwiched between two spacers, onto the axle.
4. Take the other half of the body, and screw it onto the long side of the axle so that the starburst response areas are facing each other. If you tighten this all the way, the starburst response areas will touch, so stop just before you get there. Adjust the gap to your desired setting.
5. On the long end of the axle that you just screwed into the body, use the 6mm wrench to tighten down the nut to fix the gap.
6. Like a normal yo-yo, lightly tighten things down and re-install the side caps.

How to Adjust Gap Width
1. These instructions start from a fully assembled Loop Up.
2. Use the suction cup to remove the side cap from the side with the gap adjustment nut.
3. Loosen the gap adjustment nut (but not enough for it to come off).
4. Screw the side of the yo-yo with the gap adjustment nut clockwise to tighten, or counter-clockwise to widen the gap.
5. Re-tighten the gap adjustment nut to fix the gap, and test the new setting.
6. Repeat these steps, adjusting if necessary, to find the perfect settings.
7. Re-install the side caps.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Japan Looping Solutions
Series None
Signature -
Style Looping Trick (2A)
For Age Not Mentioned
Designed In Japan
Release Year 2017
Weight (g) 51.0
Diameter (mm) 58.55
Width (mm) 33.69
Trapeze Width (mm) 7
Shape Raider
Body Material Plastic (Polycarbonate/ABS/PS)
Rim N/A
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size E (Raider)
Response Starburst
Twist-apart Twist-Apart
Spacer Cover Type
Axle -
Bind Tug Return
Surface None
Maintenance Oil/Lube Required
Function/Gimmick No

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