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hkmt equipment Pad (Small) (1pc)

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hkmt equipment Pad (Small) (1pc)

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hkmt equipment Pad (Small)

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hkmt equipment Pad (Small)

Hakamata (hkmt) Equipment is a fresh yo-yo parts maker with the concept of "making yo-yos even more fun," brought to you by Takumi Hakamata.

Takumi has some titles under his belt, so he knows his product well, and he's gathered a lot of feedback from his comrades in arms. Also very detail-oriented, he's manufactured his original parts to such high specifications, they draw superb performance out of any yo-yo you can load them with. With this equipment, you can make adjustments you'll be sure to notice. Made for experts, but even newcomers should taste this performance at least once!

*These pads are made for yo-yos that use the the Joker Small/YYR Fragment size response system.

*These pads are third-party parts, and may differ slightly in size from genuine manufacturer pads.

This price is for a single pad, so be sure to buy plenty.

The grip-I improves on standard response pads in both smoothness and responsiveness, and should be considered the new "normal" setting. Goes well with any yo-yo, and extends sleep times.

The grip-III has been tweaked to be especially good for 3A play, and is more responsive than the grip-I. Great for complex tricks, use with a thinner string to finely adjust its grip. Even for other styles, whenever you want more responsive play and tight binds, reach for the grip-III.

The grip-C is for off string play. The material is harder than the others, giving it smoother play and more slippage which is ideal for yo-yos with narrow gaps, in order to avoid unexpected returns. These pads also help avoid failed regens where the string fails to bind and lets the yo-yo escape. Whenever you want smoother, less responsive play, reach for grip-C.

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