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Küntosh 5000 QV

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Küntosh 5000 QV

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Onedrop - Küntosh 5000 QV
This is a premium 7075 version of the Küntosh, but so much more.


Onedrop - Küntosh 5000 QV

This is a premium 7075 version of the Küntosh, but so much more.

Lamborghini, the famous Italian car maker known for its extravagant, luxurious designs, released a limited run in 1985 called the "5000 Quattrovalvole." It looked nearly identical on the outside, but under the hood, the engine was a different beast altogether. In that same concept, the Küntosh 5000QV takes on the moniker without irony.

Thanks to the switch to 7075 aluminum, the new Küntosh has increased power and a more durable body. That new power doesn't come from the mere fact that the body is denser than its 6061 brother, but because of that density, onedrop was able to carve more material out of the center of the yo-yo, sending the weight balance out to where it matters most. Other design elements of note on the sharp straight profile are the grooves carved into the inner sides, and a million little micro-adjustments all over the body to tune-up the engine. With the Küntosh 5000QV, onedrop once again shows its dedicated to craftsmanship and performance.

Official Description

In 1985, Lamborghini released a limited version of the Countach. This special edition included a few changes to the body to account for the redesigned and upgraded engine, the addition of four valves per cylinder-quattrovalvole in Italian, gave birth to its name the “Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole” or “5000 QV” for short. We took inspiration from this and made changes with the approval of Sonny Patrick, designer of the original Küntosh and created the Küntosh 5000QV.From afar, the changes aren’t as noticeable without the trained eye of a previous Küntosh rider. There’s a subtle groove driving along the rim as it meets up with the profile of the catch zone. It’s a little more spacious around the floor of the cup surrounding the Side Effect area. More importantly, the Küntosh 5000QV features a 7075 aluminum alloy body. It’s a more dense and heavy alloy than the 6061 aluminum used on the original. The resulting weight of the redesign is lighter on the scales, but this number doesn’t really mean much by itself on this screen you’re looking at. During play, you’ll find the that the 5000QV has more of commanding spin than it’s older brother. Your handling will improve only if you spend the time to practice. Taking those sharp corners will be a breeze in no time; accelerate at a moments notice. And when you finally have it parked after hours of burning rubber, admire it’s beauty and run your hands across the bead blasted finish.The soul of the original Küntosh still resonates within the 5000QV, it’s just going to have a little more horsepower.First run features Desert Drifter, Racing Red, Streaking Silver and Burnout Blue. There will be 40 of each colorway released with no reruns.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Series None
Signature -
Style No
For Age No
Designed In No
Release Year No
Weight (g) No
Diameter (mm) No
Width (mm) No
Trapeze Width (mm) No
Shape No
Body Material No
Rim N/A
Bearing Type No
Bearing Size No
Response No
Twist-apart No
Spacer None
Axle -
Bind No
Surface No
Maintenance No
Function/Gimmick No

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